Something as simple as lipstick can improve mental wellness

Put some colour on your lips and help start the conversation. Image: pexels - Oleg Magni

THE more outrageous your lipstick colour, the more someone will remark on it.

Good or bad doesn’t matter.

It allows you to talk about the month-long Liptember campaign, the specific issue of women’s mental health, and why you believe in the cause.

Simply register online and seek sponsorship from family, friends and co-workers for committing to wear the lippy throughout September.

Tell them how in the past, most mental health research programs and services were created around men.

Obviously, when directed towards women, numerous services didn’t produce the same results.

Liptember was established by Luke Morris in 2010 with the simple idea to urge women to get sponsored to wear bright Liptember lipsticks throughout September.

As your conversation gathers momentum, don’t forget to tell them the Liptember team set out to fill a gap in gender-specific provisions for women’s mental health.

Since its founding, the charity has raised over $10 million to provide national mental health programs, initiatives, support services and research for women’s mental health across the country.

Founder Luke Morris said Liptember has never been more crucial in such unprecedented times, magnifying the importance of keeping in touch, engaged with and supporting each other.

“[This year] our Real Talk project is all about placing our amazing Liptember community at the forefront,” Mr Morris said.

“Empowering real stories from real women …makes [this] campaign so special.

“We’re so proud to see Liptember become a network that allows women to connect and seek help within the community.”

You could also point out that Mr Morris said throughout COVID-19, we have seen more people experiencing from high to very high levels of psychological distress, often on their own and unaware of what assistance is available to alleviate suffering.

“Pop some colour on your lips and help start the conversation,” he said.

“Lipsticks can be purchased and donations made via major charity partner Chemist Warehouse.”

If they are still interested, ask them to watch this video.

Evana is a long term Liptember supporter and fundraiser who is dedicated to starting conversations through her work and every day life.

Taryn Ferguson, the founder of Reimagine You, which helps women transform their careers, said over the last couple of years, her mental health changes daily depending on what type of work she does on herself and her external environment.

The investment of connecting with other women plays a huge part in her life as she believes you can only get so far on your own.

“Like physical health, my mental health needs investing in,” Ms Ferguson said.

“You can’t ask your body to run a marathon without capitalising on the right food, training and sleep.

“Your mind needs that same investment; for me, it’s a daily thing.”

She said suffering an overwhelming experience can shift to a less all-consuming feeling with just one conversation.

“Wearing lipstick during the month of Liptember is an easy way to start that important discussion,” she said.

“Talking about mental health is more accepted now, but there is still a stigma around it; unfortunately, it is often treated with disdain.”

National Advocate for Vulnerable Children Emma Gierschick OAM has experienced mental health trauma due to extreme family violence.

Luke Morris told her about Liptember when they met in 2015, and she knew she wanted to help straight away.

“It is difficult for women to admit they have experienced mental health challenges because it can sound like they are not coping, which can feel embarrassing,” Ms Gierschick said.

“What I like about Liptember is it takes away some of the stigmas because it is a fun cause.

“People are just waiting for someone to have the courage to speak up, and when asked to help back my campaign, they are genuinely keen to be involved.

“They may not want to wear the lippy themselves, but they will assist by making a donation or buying the merchandise.

This year she came back on board to help promotes the cause.

She said she is best placed with her advocacy skills to raise awareness and spread the word.

“There is nothing wrong with saying you need help.”

Louise described so beautifully, Liptember is about “rallying together as a nation” to make a difference and a REAL impact.

Chemist Warehouse director Mario Tascone said his team at Chemist Warehouse is proud to sponsor the vital work of Liptember, which raises much-needed awareness and necessary funds surrounding women’s mental health.

“The importance of keeping in touch with the people in our lives both near and far has never been more important; we are passionate about standing beside Liptember,” Mr Tascone said.

Now you are just about done with your Liptember story.

So, tell them that if they don’t see themselves swiping blood red, fiery orange or moss green across their lips, they can contribute to Liptember by purchasing a beanie, hoodie or a tote bag with all proceeds donated to the Liptember Foundation.

Anyone seeking help should contact Lifeline on 13 11 44 or visit lifeline.org.au



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