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“He could have been in pain for such a long time, and he was just used to it. He just thought that was life.”

This was the devastating realisation that came crashing down on Jasper’s mum, Angela, when her baby boy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in not just one, but both of his kidneys.

Little Jasper was just nine-months-old.


For the next few years, this brave boy’s life was full of pain and frustration. He underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and two major surgeries to remove both of his kidneys. For more than two years, he was kept alive by daily dialysis. And last year, he finally received a kidney transplant.

For seriously ill children like Jasper, the world outside the hospital simply doesn’t exist. Life is reduced to a series of frightening operations and painful treatments.

But, today, you can help change that. Please will you click here and help make a child’s wish come true?


While he was stuck in hospital, Jasper’s greatest joy was looking at his picture books. That’s where he first found his love for animals. He spent hours looking at the drawings of cows, pigs and chickens, and trying to make the sounds they make.

But, with his days taken over by his endless treatments, he’s never seen them in real life. Now Jasper’s wish can change that.

Jasper’s very special wish will see him and his whole family taking a trip to a farm this spring, where he will ride a tractor and feed the baby animals he’s only ever seen in books before.

Mum Angela knows just how wonderful it’s going to be for her little boy – and for the whole family: “To have such a happy life experience will be really special for him. To start enjoying what a little boy should and get to experience all the things he’s missed out on. It means a lot to us.”

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Jasper’s wish won’t just be a few days away with his family. Jasper’s wish will help him heal, and be a chance to spend time together. Most of all, Jasper’s trip to the farm will give him some much needed hope.

The joy and wonder of Jasper’s trip to the farm will help him build the strength and resilience he’ll need to face challenges in the years to come.

You can see just how life-changing Jasper’s wish will be. But, right now, there are hundreds more seriously ill children across Australia who need their wish to come true.

So, please, click here and help make an extraordinary wish come true for a seriously ill child like Jasper. Thank you.

Story Source: Make-A-Wish Foundation

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