Gloating illegal whale killers appal world: Bob Brown

Bob Brown and Peter Hammarstedt of Sea Shepherd (Photo: Simon Ager/Bob Brown Foundation).

THE Japanese whaling fleet’s gloating at its illegal killing of 333 defenceless minke whales, 30 per cent of which had not even reached maturity, shames humanity, former Greens leader Bob Brown said in Hobart on the weekend.

“The Bob Brown Foundation totally backs Sea Shepherd’s ongoing defence of the whales against these international criminals who bloody the Antarctic waters with their cruel grenade-tipped harpoons.

“Australia’s Turnbull government, by doing nothing despite the Federal Court injunction against the Japanese whale-killers, is complicit in the crime,” Bob Brown added.

The Sea Shepherd captains and crews, from eight countries, who tracked the Japanese criminals and showed an appalled world evidence of this year’s slaughter, are the heroes and upholders of human dignity in a world which would otherwise be oblivious of the Japanese outrage.

“Sea Shepherd’s huge public backing in Australia will continue to grow and the whaling, already reduced by two-thirds due to Sea Shepherd’s campaign, will be ended altogether in coming years,” Brown said.

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Ryan Fritz

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