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Older women lost in housing

They call themselves OWLS. Despite the fact that women over fifty-five are the fastest growing cohort of people facing homelessness in Australia, ‘Older Women Lost in Housing’ are neglected in discussions of housing insecurity in this country. Older women facing homelessness are…


On Jeans for Genes Day help support Max and families like his


Finding out that your child has a rare genetic condition is hard enough. Discovering that it can progress into even more frightening conditions such as leukaemia and other life-threatening bone marrow disorders was truly terrifying for the family of three-year-old Max. “When we were told about Max’s condition, we did a lot of research online about what it was—and it was all bad,’’ mum, Leah said.  Gorgeous little Max was born happy and healthy, but Leah and partner Jack soon noticed he was pale, fatigued and wasn’t reaching his milestones. Three months of testing eventually revealed that he had a…

Refugee Council deeply concerned for people in immigration detention as Mantra guard tests positive


The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) says it is deeply concerned for the safety of people detained at the Mantra Bell City hotel at Preston in Melbourne, after a security guard has tested positive for COVID-19 Over 60 people, who were brought to Australia from offshore detention for medical care, have been held in makeshift detention facilities at the hotel since their arrival. This week, one of the security guards for the facilities has been found to have contracted the virus. In addition, The Australian Border Force (ABF) yesterday confirmed reports that a number of staff from the Villawood Immigration…

Dry July a win-win for cancer patients and fundraisers’ health


The twelfth year of Dry July kicked off this month, with more than 37,000 Australians giving up alcohol to raise funds for cancer treatment organisations in their local area. Katie Evans, the General Manager of Dry July Foundation, said that the initiative – which has raised more than $50 million to date – started as a challenge between a few mates. “They wanted to stop drinking for a month and they all had close personal connections to cancer,” Evans said. “They were trying to raise money to buy a TV for their local cancer centre. They got on to the…

Christmas lights shine to support families living with cancer


SNOW in summer, a life-sized Santa Claus on a rocking chair, and a walk-through dome full of twinkling coloured lights are just some of the hundreds of decorations making a Christmas wonderland for Melbourne residents from Sunday, 1 December. Mother-of-five, Rayleen Valkanis and her family, is giving her house in Glen Waverley a complete Christmas makeover to raise funds for Redkite, a leading national cancer support charity for children and young people that provides enormous support for local Victorian families. The Valkanis family – including husband Jim, daughters Kimberley, Kayla, Kassy and Karissa, son Jim, and grandmother Eva – have…

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