Has Impact Investing replaced traditional funding?


The emerging trend of impact investing is being viewed as an alternative funding model as governments both globally and in Australia particularly reduce their overall spending. In order to address the most pressing needs in our society access to private capital is pivotal, and bringing together investors and communities to tackle a myriad of environmental and social issues is pertinent. Much of the problems with traditional philanthropy and government funding is the over dependence which it perpetuates, coercing non-government organisations to, therefore, live on the ‘cliff-edge’ of their finances before it runs dry. Traditional sources of funding are leaving NGOs…

Can Australian NGOs steer interest in ethical investment with ESG


The concept of ESG – Environment, Social and Governance – is slowly garnering interest among conscientious, value-based investors who wish to tie in together their ethics and values alongside a financial benefit. It’s based on a set of standards and premised on three main factors: environment, social, and governance. It also brings to the forefront a range of criteria that measures the overall sustainability of an investment, allowing investors to make purpose-driven decisions, in areas that resonate with their beliefs. Unpacking opportunities in ESG relies on several factors: availability of data, the demand for greater transparency, public awareness, and the…