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Simple steps save mothers and babies lives


FORTY Monash University students recently paid $5 each for the privilege of packing six items into two hundred plastic zip lock bags. A piece of gauze, a plastic sheet, some cotton cord, a bar of soap, pair of gloves and a sharp blade are not just any items. Collectively, they constitute the contents of a Clean Birthing Kit that the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia supplies to pregnant women living in rural communities and low-resource settings worldwide. Harsh Patel, president of TeamMed, a student-led organisation that provides Monash students with opportunities to experience and contribute to global health, said one of…

“You’re just in a world of pain”: Meet the people tackling mens’ mental health in the bush


At the age of 22, Warren Davies became a farmer. He had moved to the Goulburn Valley as a teenager to help his parents run a dairy farm and after many years of farm work, he decided to buy a few hundred acres adjacent to his parents’ property. “I knew that I was going into business with the bank, because they lent me the money,” said Davies. “But I also had a silent business partner in Mother Nature. She was going to throw me some curve balls and have probably the biggest impact on my business and on my mental…