Charities in the spotlight

WASH House Inc. appoints sector leader for its next phase of growth


WASH House Board has announced the appointment of Dr Trishima (Trish) Mitra-Kahn as Executive Officer commencing 3rd May 2021. WASH House is a community-based frontline service for women, based in Mount Druitt. Over the past five years alone, WASH House has delivered over 3250 specialist counselling sessions, 23,000 group support sessions and supported over 800 survivors of domestic violence via intensive case management to remain safely in their home or to relocate to safer accommodation in the Blacktown Local Government area. WASH House Chairperson Jo Fuller said, “Dr Mitra-Kahn is an exceptional appointment and a well-respected sector specialist. Next year,…

‘Roughin’ It’ to pay it forward for homeless Victorians


From April 16 to 23, people were invited to participate in The Roughin’ ItChallenge, hosted by Launch Housing. The aim of the cause was to raisemoney and awareness for homeless Victorians. With the choice of one, three or five days, participants were required to ‘roughit’. This meant living without the normal creature comforts; no bed, one bag andunder ten dollars a day. Launch Housing’s General Manager of Campaigns and Engagement, HowardRalley played a significant role in designing the challenge and also took part init himself. Not only was it an opportunity to put oneself in the shoes of those who sleeprough,…

Wear red to make an impact for domestic and family violence


RED is the colour of love – think Valentine’s Day roses; of luxury – think Christian Louboutin shoes; and of danger – red flags, violence and anger. For the charity Impact, red exemplifies the violence and anger that too many women experience from the people who say they love them. “It is such a contradiction,” Kathy Kaplan, Impact’s founder and president said. This contradiction is just one driver for Impact’s launch of its WeaRed4Impact campaign on Monday, 3 May, the first working day of Domestic and Family Violence Awareness Month. Impact is an entirely volunteer-run charity committed to making a…

At-risk women and their doctors have low awareness of preventive meds


A Peter Mac-led study has shown many Australian women at increased risk of breast cancer are unaware they can reduce their risk with medication. More than 720 women and 220 of their clinicians responded to a survey assessing awareness of preventive medications, such as tamoxifen, that can reduce breast cancer risk. These drugs are off-patent and so are not a focus of pharmaceutical companies when it comes to medications they support with patient and clinician awareness campaigns. The surveyed women were all part of the ongoing kConFab study of families with strong history of breast and ovarian cancer. Just ten (1.4%) of…

The Dhadjowa Foundation; Empowering Aboriginal families whose loved ones have died in custody


The Dhadjowa Foundation, a grassroots and family-governed not-for-profit held its fundraising launch on April 3 in Melbourne. The organisation provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families who have lost loved ones in custody with strategic, coordinated and culturally appropriate support. The conception of this foundation comes at a pivotal moment in time, where fiveIndigenous Australians have died in police custody in just over one month. Comprised of a board of Aboriginal individuals, whose family members have died in custody, the foundation is solely built to support families who have also lost loved ones in this way. In a capacity which…

The Smith Family’s Koorie Learning Club is bringing the community together


Extra support and positive learning environments can make a huge difference to students experiencing the effects of disadvantage. Since 2013, our Koorie Learning Club for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students has been offering exactly that. And it’s bringing students of all ages together with incredible results. After trying a few venues, our Koorie Learning Club found a great home at a boarding school in Victoria. It has given students at the school the opportunity to help out as volunteer tutors. And both the children participating and those volunteering are gaining so much from the experience. “I love coming to Learning Club, we really appreciate the boys…

Back2Bikes keep bicycles on the road


The hole in the wall workshop in Port Melbourne, which houses Back2Bikes, is an oasis of calm and order on busy Williamstown Road. Back2Bikes is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing affordable transport for low-income earners, those in need, assisting local schools and other charities. The organisation accepts bikes and parts, and volunteers bring the bikes back to life for sale or donation to those in need. Mobility is vital in a city as large as Melbourne. For people who don’t have access to a motor vehicle or cannot afford public transport, pedal power is an option. Caseworkers contact Back2Bikes for…

“Small but Mighty”: How the Zahra Foundation is filling a gap in Domestic Violence recovery services


The Zahra Foundation was launched in 2015 by Atena, Arman and Anita Abrahimzadeh -three siblings who tragically lost their mum to domestic violence homicide.  Zahra Abrahimzadeh was brutally murdered by her former husband in front of large crowds at a Persian New Years function in Adelaide. A night that was meant to be a joyous celebration of Zahra’s 44th birthday had ended in devastation- another woman’s life cut short by the scourge of domestic violence. Zahra had suffered 24 years of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband and had made the brave decision to flee the family home with her three children only 10 months prior.   The Zahra Foundation is unique in the domestic violence sector. Focused more on the recovery stage than crisis services, Zahra Foundation aims to help South Australian women…

The Battles of ‘Endo Warriors’ come to the forefront in March


March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, which aims to spread awareness of the disease, which in Australia affects one in nine women and people with menstrual cycles between the ages of 15 to 49. Director and co-founder of Endometriosis Australia, Donna Ciccia says that research and awareness has come a long way since her diagnosis in 2001, though “we still don’t know what prevents it, what causes it or how to cure it – we still have a lot of gaps,” she said. What we do know is that there are several treatment methods available. Ms Ciccia refers to the disease…

Freedom for 54 more people this week from indefinite detention, but close to a hundred are still detained for no reason


The Time for a Home alliance welcomes the release of 25 Medevac refugees yesterday and 25 today from the Kangaroo Point Hotel Alternative Place of Detention (APOD) and Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation (BITA). We can also confirm four people will be released this afternoon from the Darwin Mercure Hotel APOD, where women and families still remain detained, now for up to and over a year. Last week the Time for a Home alliance – consisting of 140 organisations and community networks – handed over a petition with 36,923 signatures to 18 MPs from across Parliament, calling on the Government to…