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Good Friday Appeal: Dig deep for the kids


ISLA is one of the “Little Ambassadors” for the 2022 Good Friday Appeal. The eight-year-old is in remission after spending half her life in treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Isla’s parents knew something was wrong five years ago when their bubbly and bright three-year-old daughter was no longer acting like herself. Isla had gone from being an active happy young child to constantly feeling lethargic, irritable and starting to catch every bug going around. Between April and May 2017, Isla’s mother Leanne took her to the doctor eight times with growing concerns. Following a blood test, Isla was diagnosed with…

Koala foundation fights climate change and fire risk with tree planting goal


OVER three billion animals were killed or displaced in the Black Summer bushfires of 2019-20 – 60,000 of those were koalas. The fires burnt about 24 million acres and confirmed the trend of worsening fire weather with increased forest areas caught by fires with each event. The wild koalas on Western Plains, particularly around the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges to the west of Melbourne that the Koala Clancy Foundation supports, were not directly affected by the Black Summer fires. “We have been through a terrible fire event in 2006 though,” Ms Janine Duffy, President of the Koala Clancy Foundation,…

Deserving families receive greater access to books


ONE in five Australian children are not meeting the international benchmark for reading, the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) has revealed. To combat this concerning statistic, BIG W, one of Australia’s most loved brands and has been part of families lives for over 40 years, is partnering with the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) to extend the benefit of reading by delivering books and resources to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and families in other marginalised communities. ALNF is a national charity assisting people in our most marginalised communities to gain vital language, literacy and communication skills.…

Making mental health impossible to ignore


TALKING about mental and emotional well-being can be confronting. These conversations are often avoided in the workplace, especially in the blue-collar industry. Tradies Ed Ross and Dan Allen are turning this invisible and debilitating issue into a topic that’s impossible to ignore. As co-founders, they came up with the concept of TradeMutt in 2016 after losing a mate to suicide the same year. TradeMutt sells a range of bright, eye-catching workwear that is specifically designed to spark conversation about mental health. Their powerful slogan, ‘This Is A Conversation Starter’ is imprinted on the back of all of their workwear and…

Sikh Volunteers Australia inspired by community gratitude


THE Premier’s Award for Community Harmony at the 2021 Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence, was awarded to Sikh Volunteers Australia (SVA) for the significant impact they have made during the bushfires and pandemic. The Award honours the organisation for its noteworthy contribution to increase understanding, acceptance and cooperation between different faith and cultural groups. Jaswinder Singh, founding member and secretary from Sikh Volunteers Australia said, “It was also because the organisation had upheld the principles of human rights, and the service was purely based on whoever needs the support is being supported.” “When the community give back just because of…

No child left behind


SOME children find it difficult to make friends, especially those living with special needs or disadvantage. Some parents know all too well, if their child doesn’t get invited to parties or their peers don’t show up to theirs, the heartbreak is very real. Mum Louise Larkin understands how worrying social isolation can be for children. Since 2016 her charity Friend in Me has hosted hundreds of parties that bring together children of all ages and abilities to help connect them through dance and play. Many parents and caregivers are grateful for the all-inclusive and diverse events; including Donna, who knows…

Corporate and charity talk online about the big topics


THE inaugural CAF Worldwide Symposium on Philanthropy kicks off at noon on Tuesday, 9 November, 2021. A four-hour online event presented by Good2Give in partnership with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) will report current trends in global giving and explore how a philanthropic mindset has the power to change the world. Delegates can choose all or some sessions on the program according to the most relevant and engaging to specific interests. They will also have access to a curated Worldwide Philanthropy Library after the event allowing individual and personal access to sessions and content whenever they choose. The Symposium’s organiser, Good2Give,…

Fishbowl food chain fundraises for mental fitness


SUICIDE is the leading cause of death in Australians aged 15 to 49. Nic Pestalozzi has not had a family member or friend take their own life. “I have a friend from interstate who knows three people, all males, who have committed suicide in the last seven years.” Mr Pestalozzi, co-founder and marketing director at Fishbowl, a Japanese-inspired salad fast-food chain, talks about the driver for Fishbowl’s Virtual 5K Run on World Mental Health Day on Sunday, 10 October. He explains the Fishbowl team is fundraising for mental fitness charity Gotcha4Life, which aims to reduce suicide rates by delivering programs…

Don’t let your good cause die with you


OVER one hundred charities are encouraging Australians to leave gifts in their wills to ensure their ideals live on. Include a Charity Week, which runs from 6-12 September, aims to get people thinking about how the material legacy they’d like to leave behind when they’re gone could make all the difference to their favourite non-profit. CEO of Fundraising Institute Australia Katherine Raskob said a key part of the Week is an online ‘What Kind of Legend Are You?’ quiz. Anyone can take the quiz to understand how their life stories and values relate to some of Australia’s best-loved charities including…

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