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Measuring people’s satisfaction with life


AUSTRALIA could soon become a world leader in calculating social value with the publication of a new guidefor Standards Australia, the nation’s peak non-government, not-for-profit standards organisation. Huber Social CEO Georgina Camp, head of the committee writing the new guide, said the other standards that exist at a global level focus on regulating the managing and reporting of social value. In contrast, this model is about collecting the data that goes into the reporting and management decisions. “We go to the next level down; you can standardise reporting and managing all you want, but if you haven’t standardised how the…

Dyslexic children can have fruitful and gifted lives


Andrew has five children; two of his sons have been diagnosed with dyslexia. He and his wife realised that both boys needed assessment as they were falling behind at school, specifically in reading and writing. Four years ago, his then nine-year-old son Jude, already diagnosed with ADHD, found out he also had dyslexia. His seven-year-old brother Kevin was likewise identified with dyslexia a year ago. Dyslexia is not a disease; it is a brain-based condition often inherited. Children with the disorder have trouble reading, converting letter symbols to their correct sound (decode) and spelling, converting sounds to their valid written…

Kids read books for fun while fundraising at the same time


THE forty-third MS Readathon commences in August, with children encouraged to read as much as they can to support an incredible cause. As of the beginning of August, over 24,000 people have registered to take part in the readathon, and more than one million dollars has already been raised. Since 1978 the annual event has fundraised to support families living with multiple sclerosis. The program provides funds for family camps and fun days, where kids who have a parent with MS can learn more about the condition and bond with other children sharing the journey. Multiple Sclerosis is an incurable…

Story Dogs out of the dog house


STORY Dogs is a unique national charity that brings trained and accredited dogs and handlers into Year 2 and 3 primary school rooms where students read to the dogs, increasing their literacy and self-confidence. Friday, May 7, is National Story Dogs Day, the charity’s major fundraising event. It is a WOOF Day – Wear Orange On Friday when Story Dogs schools across the country turn orange and donate to the canine cause. Story Dogs managing director Janine Sigley said 2019 NAPLAN results for Year 3 reading show that over 12 per cent of children are at or below the National…

A friendly dog and a good book can improve children’s literacy


STORY Dogs, an Australian child literacy charity, recently partnered with Dr Claire Stevens, veterinarian, author and dog lover, as an ambassador for its aim to make reading fun for children. Story Dogs Co-founder Janine Sigley said “Claire will be helping Story Dogs raise the profile of what we do and help us to work towards our mission of helping more children become confident lifelong readers.” The program facilitates the engaging idea of a child reading to a dog in a one-on-one setting while at school. In a non-judgmental manner, the child’s focus improves, their literacy skills increase, and their confidence…