Campaigners stop Tarkine destruction at new mine

spotted quoll

Conservationists have halted site works on the controversial Riley Creek mine site in takayna/Tarkine this morning, the Bob Brown Foundation said. Activists have locked on to the gate of the mine site, and to machinery on the site to prevent further destruction

Venture Minerals’ proposed Riley Creek project iron ore strip mine is opposed by conservationists including the Bob Brown Foundation.

“Riley Creek is in an area of known Tasmanian Devil and Spotted tail Quoll habitat, in a region that has been independently verified as having both National Heritage and World Heritage Values”, said Bob Brown Foundation’s takayna/Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“With question marks over the validity of Venture’s permits, the Federal and State Environment Ministers should be here to stop this mine and defend the heritage values of takayna. As they are not, we have gathered in a peaceful vigil with members of the public who will,” Scott Jordan said.

“This project has courted condemnation at every turn. Ventures’ investors should understand that public opposition to their planned ecological vandalism will not go away”.

Story source: Bob Brown Foundation

Photo: Kristofer & Rebekah/Flickr

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