Australia needs an Anti-Racism Framework now

WIDESPREAD discrimination is normal for Australian Muslims, according to a report by the Australian Human Rights Commission.  The report, released July 2021, shares the stories of Australian Muslims, inclusive of the good, bad, and ugly.   The ugly, otherwise known as Islamophobia is…


Boroondara locals look after their missing middle

EVEN though Homelessness Week is officially over, Boroondara Community Outreach Centre (BCO) provides ongoing support for the vulnerable, any time of the week. The Outreach program, established in 1993 is a place of relief where hospitality and essential services can be accessed…


Frontline environmentalists demand AGL stops burning coal

AGL, Australia’s largest power company is the country’s greatest climate polluter, said Greenpeace in its campaign to end coal-fired energy.  The ecological agitator’s report, published May 2021, reveals 85 per cent of AGL’s energy is produced by coal-fired stations powering nearly one-third…