Trans Awareness Week 2020

WHAT IS TRANSGENDER AWARENESS WEEK? In 2020, Transgender Awareness Week will take place from 13-19 November. This week is an important time in the LGBTIQ+ calendar because it raises the visibility of trans people around the world. During this time, allies and…


Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

Every year, Transgender Day of Remembrance honours the memory of transgender people who have lost their lives through transphobic violence. We light a candle, we say their names, we honour and remember them. Transgender Day of Remembrance began in the USA on November…


How to be a trans ally

The term transgender describes people whose gender identity is different than the identity they were assigned at birth. The term non-binary describes people who don’t identity as male or female. These people live as both, either, or no gender. The term gender diverse is an umbrella term that…


People with Disability Left Out of COVID-19 Response

Even without a global crisis like COVID-19, people with disability experience higher morbidity and mortality rates for preventable conditions than the general population, and on average have a life expectancy up to 36 years lower than people without disability.…


MyAus COVID-19: A new multilingual mobile app

Migration Council Australia has worked with Protein One—a Sydney-based award-winning digital design agency to develop a multilingual mobile app for Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities about COVID-19, its impact and available support.…