This morning NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean will unveil details of the deal that he says will make New South Wales “the number one destination across Australia for renewable energy investment”.

“This commitment, which is the biggest in the state’s history, puts New South Wales on the path to a clean economic recovery with cheap, plentiful, renewable energy” Greenpeace Australia Pacific Campaigner, Elizabeth Sullivan said.

“The speed and scale at which we’re seeing leadership initiatives like this from state governments and investors demonstrates the importance of a clean recovery to both the environment and the economy and further alienates the Federal Government’s archaic approach to meeting Australia’s energy needs.

“The potential gains are almost limitless, particularly at a time when business needs certainty more than ever. The Federal Government’s unwillingness to provide that certainty by developing a climate policy fit for 2020 is one of the few things stymieing us from seizing this win-win on environment and economy at the national scale.”

The news has been welcomed by locals in Narribri, where a massive gasfield that would see almost a thousand coal seam gas wells drilled has been met with strident opposition.

“This demonstrates that the state’s energy needs can be met without poisoning our land and water with gas projects like Narrabri, bravely opposed by thousands of locals.” Ms Sullivan said.