Posted on January 21, 2014, 9:35 pm

The Advocate is open to accept any stories, hard news and opinion pieces, from recognised organisations and individuals within the sectors.

The Advocate is an online news source for contributors to present stories, and their own opinions, about the not-for-profit and charity sectors.

The Advocate does not take responsibility for the opinions or facts presented by non-staff writers so please ensure that you have checked all the facts in your story.

The Advocate also reserves the right to edit submitted content.

Once submitted your story will go through a stringent review process before it is published online.

Requirements for submission:

– Word limit for press releases: We prefer submissions of between 400 and 500 words in length (no more than a page)

– Word limit for opinion pieces: We prefer submissions of between 700 and 850 words in length

– Articles can be submitted as a Word document, text file or in the body of an email

– Please do not send material through in PDF format

– Do not include any HTML coding in your submission

– Do include a URL address to the original story on your organisation’s website

– You can also send through text that includes hyperlinks

– If you have images which you would like to be included in your submission please ensure they are of a reasonable quality and provide the details and the source of the image. You must have the rights to use any photos you provide

To send us your story, please email:

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