Charities unite to help bushfire affected communities during the COVID-19 pandemic
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As bushfire-affected communities now find themselves in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UNICEF Australia, Royal Far West and HP have joined forces to provide help and support using mental health services delivered via technology (RFW Telecare), while continuing to provide community visits when…

Workplace Giving Month: It’s now more important than ever to give to charities
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During June, Australia’s peak body for workplace giving – Workplace Giving Australia (WGA) – is highlighting the importance of funds that working Australians are donating from their pay to charities.

June is Workplace Giving Month and WGA is calling on employers to implement a campaign…

RSPCA launches Million Paws Walk: Walk this May
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The RSPCA has adapted their much-loved national dog walking event by launching the Million Paws Walk: Walk This May.

In response to ongoing developments of COVID-19, the RSPCA will no longer be able hold the usual public event on Sunday 17 May, however, this new event…

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Community Jun 3, 2020

A new report launched yesterday by Social Ventures Australia (SVA) and the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) forecasts that more than 200,000 jobs in the charity sector could be lost as a result of the COVID-19 crisis if financial supports, such as JobKeeper and lease and loan deferrals, come to an end in October.

The report, Will Australian charities be COVID-19 casualties or partners in recovery? A Financial Health Check, models the potential impact on the financial health of Australia’s 16,000 registered charities with employees (excluding those run purely by volunteers) to better understand the effects and identify systemic solutions.

Charities strengthen the fabric and functioning of Australia’s society and economy with wide-spread benefits to education, health care, sports and recreation, aged care, religion, arts and culture, animal protection, and environmental protection. As a community, we especially rely on charities during crisis. Charities also employ 1 in 10 of our workforce. Stronger charities will be well positioned to support the community, accelerating our collective recovery. But weakened charities, forced to cut jobs and services, will compound the collective challenges we face.

Modelling of 20% revenue cuts to the charity sector found:

  • 88% of charities would immediately be making an operating loss.
  • 17% would be at high risk of becoming unviable and closing their doors within six months, even when taking their reserves into account.
  • The cost-cutting and organisational closures in this scenario would result in more than 200,000 jobs lost as a result of the crisis, as well as reducing the ability of charities to…


Vinnies: Every cent going to bushfire victims
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The St Vincent de Paul Society continues to distribute funds received through the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal, which was established in response to the current, unprecedented bushfire season.

To date a total of $13.7 million has been raised by generous Australians and from overseas donors and…

Save the Children partners with QBE to support bushfire relief and recovery effort
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Save the Children is pleased to announce a joint initiative with insurer QBE to support relief and recovery efforts in areas ravaged by bushfires.

QBE has donated $250,000 toward Save the Children programs aimed at helping communities affected by the fires. The funding will support…

International volunteers reinforce local teams as bushfire crisis continues
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Salvation Army volunteers continue to provide around-the-clock support to disaster-affected communities around the country.


Due to the incredible need around Australia, The Salvation Army has begun deploying rotating international and interstate teams to reinforce local volunteers. The first international support team from New Zealand arrived…