Volunteer firefighter calls for greater action on feral animals in bushfire zones

NSW volunteer firefighter, wildlife carer and indigenous ambassador for the Invasive Species Council Richard Swain is today calling on state and federal governments to launch an all-out attack on feral animals in fire zones scorched by this summer's catastrophic bushfires.

RSPCA salutes those about to rock in support of bushfire relief for animals

RSPCA Australia has thanked TEG Dainty for nominating the animal welfare charity as one of the organisations to benefit from the upcoming FireFight Australia concert at ANZ Stadium on Sunday, February 16.

WWF-Australia and the bushfire emergency: Dermot O’Gorman

When the fires clear, WWF Australia will help restore homes for koalas and other wildlife through our Towards Two Billion Trees plan to save and grow two billion trees by 2030. This starts with planting the first 10,000 urgently needed trees in critical koala habitats, writes Dermot O'Gorman., CEO of WWF-Australia.

Whales, penguins and krill feeling the heat in Antarctica

A NEW report by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) highlights that human-caused warming is destroying sea ice habitat in the Antarctic, threatening the survival of many iconic polar species such as whales, penguins and krill.