Whaling in the North Pacific: Morrison should tell Abe to stop

AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Scott Morrison should call on the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to drop plans to resume the slaughter of minke whales on July 1, the Bob Brown Foundation said yesterday.

We’re ingesting on average 5 grams of plastic per week: WWF Australia

A NEW study finds on average people could be ingesting approximately 5 grams of plastic every week, which is the equivalent weight of a credit card, WWF Australia reports.

Michelle Bridges named the ultimate good egg for pledging to free hens from battery cages

AUSTRALIAN health and lifestyle personality Michelle Bridges is leading an army of caring Australians pledging to choose cage-free eggs when eating out, to help free the 10 million Australian hens still living in barren battery cages.

Record-breaking egg release for Victoria’s most critically endangered frog

Zoos Victoria is making strides in its fight against wildlife extinction, with the release of more than 3000 eggs of the critically endangered Southern Corroboree Frog into the wild.