2019 duck shooting season must be cancelled: Animals Australia

Animals Australia is urging the Victorian government to suspend the 2019 duck shooting season.

The Blue-winged Shoveler has been added to the protected list in Victoria this year for the first time. (Image Credit: The Conversation).

Animals Australia is urging the Victorian government to suspend the 2019 duck shooting season.

Australia’s waterbirds are at perilously low numbers as a result of several environmental factors. Particularly low rainfall last year across much of Eastern Australia combined with record-high temperatures have caused long-term drier conditions.

These conditions have depleted the waterbirds’ habitat along the east coast of Australia. The annual waterbird survey found no indication of any breeding of game birds whatsoever in 2018. Further ‘predation’ in the form of recreational duck shooting would be devastating to these diminished populations.

To read our 2019 submission to the Game Management Authority, click here: https://bit.ly/2RgHsiE

Every year native waterbirds are wounded at high rates due to the nature of shotgun pellet spray patterns and the inaccuracy of shooters. Evidence shows hunters routinely engaging in illegal and irresponsible behaviour resulting in the killing of protected species and the slow deaths of wounded birds.

In 2018, an independent report conducted by Pegasus Economics found non-compliant behaviours and unsanctioned breaches of hunting laws to be widespread and commonplace.

The report concluded that the Game Management Authority (GMA) has not been able to effectively deliver its compliance and enforcement responsibilities.

Despite this, the 2018 duck shooting season proceeded and Animals Australia went on to lodge 18 separate legal complaints relating to illegal shooting and animal cruelty with GMA in 2018. No charges were laid.

And one year after the scathing Pegasus review was released, the key recommendations have still not been implemented by GMA.

Story Source: Animals Australia https://bit.ly/2si6Mpu