New report forecasts dire financial future for charities in Australia
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A new report launched yesterday by Social Ventures Australia (SVA) and the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) forecasts that more than 200,000 jobs in the charity sector could be lost as a result of the COVID-19 crisis if financial supports, such…

RSPCA: Handling of cattle in live export trade “horrific”
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The RSPCA says the horrific treatment and handling of cattle in the live export trade, which led to the 2011 suspension, must not be overlooked in today’s court decision.

This suspension of live cattle exports came about because Australian cattle were being horrifically treated and…

Scouts rate higher on resilience, self-confidence, and mental health
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Research confirms that Scouting programs give young Australians critical advantages in life, according to the new Scouts Australia Resilience report: “The Scouting Effect”.

Young people participating in Scouts demonstrated higher levels of resilience, self-confidence, mental wellbeing and the emotional capacity to…

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The Ganges River in India is one of the most holiest rivers in the world but it is also one of the most polluted (Image Credit: Reuters.)
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AUSTRALIA's Prime Minister Scott Morrison and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi are presiding over the degradation of one of the world's most holiest rivers - the Ganges - all to feed the Godda power station that will consume Adani’s coal from Australia. 

AUSTRALIA’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi are presiding over the degradation of one of the world’s most holiest rivers – the Ganges – all to feed the Godda power station that will consume Adani’s coal from Australia.

A high-profile promise from Prime MInister Modi to restore the flow to the Ganges River is being undermined by Adani, according to AdaniWatch.

The Australian Prime Minister is now also culpable because it is Australian coal that will be burnt in the power plant that will take water from India’s most sacred river.

The two prime ministers are having a ‘virtual summit’ on Thursday, 4 May.

Also today, AdaniWatch is publishing a story on the potential impacts of Adani’s Godda power station, 370kms north from Kolkata, on the Ganges River.

The Godda power station (currently under construction) is the intended destination for coal from Adani’s Carmichael mine.

“Adani is helping to break one of Prime Minister Modi’s most celebrated pledges. Mr Modi dedicated himself to cleaning up the Ganges River during his 2014 election campaign,” Geoff Law, coordinator of AdaniWatch, said.

“Yet Adani has secured approval from Mr Modi’s government to remove 36 million cubic metres of water from the sacred river every year in order to feed the power station that will consume coal from its Australian mine.

“Gautam Adani and Prime Ministers Modi and Morrison are all culpable in plans that will degrade the holiest of India’s rivers,” Geoff added.

Story Source: The Bob Brown Foundation
Image: The Ganges River in India…


Childhood cancer and COVID-19: Increasing connection and support during social isolation
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I keep hearing in the media that coronavirus doesn’t present a real danger to kids. But for our kids, kids with cancer, COVID-19 presents a very real and potentially deadly risk. Kids like 5-year-old Hunter pictured here at home with his dog, Rocky.

For those of us who don’t have…

World’s Greatest Shave: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
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Australia’s only national charity dedicated to help cure and conquer blood cancer, the Leukaemia Foundation officially kick starts the 22nd World’s Greatest Shave across the country from Wednesday 11 March.

This year, the event aims to raise $16.5 million to provide vital support for the 41 Australians…

Grieving Adelaide mothers to walk to Melbourne to honour late daughter’s wish
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Grieving mothers, Belinda Moore and Maria Topalian, are honouring their daughter’s dying wish to “pay it forward” after her sudden death from complications brought on by cancer.

The couple will embark on a 20-day, 742 kilometre trek from Adelaide to Melbourne in October to raise much-needed…

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Charities unite to help bushfire affected communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

As bushfire-affected communities now find themselves in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UNICEF Australia, RFW and HP have joined forces to provide help and support using mental health services delivered via technology (RFW Telecare),
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