Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of the Timor-Leste Referendum

ON August 30 1999, a referendum took place in Timor-Leste, leading to the country's independence. This is remembered each year with a public holiday called Popular Consultation Day. 20 years on, WaterAid Timor-Leste reflects on the progress it has made and the challenges ahead.

Lives still at risk after Cyclone Idai: Oxfam Australia

THE number of casualties and people affected by Cyclone Idai in southern Africa looks set to rise from the two million currently estimated, Oxfam Australia reports.

Three civilians killed every day in Yemen despite Stockholm agreements: Oxfam Australia

THREE civilians are being killed every day in Yemen – that is one person every eight hours – despite agreements reached between the internationally recognised government and the Houthis at talks in Sweden just over three months ago.

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​Together, we can change the trajectory of mental ill-health and suicide

THERE needs to be more collaboration at a time where public sentiment, political will, and the mental health and suicide prevention sectors are aligning, writes Beyond Blue Chair The Hon Julia Gillard AC.

After the storm: Claire Rogers visits Beira, Mozambique

DRIVING through the Mozambican city of Beira it looks like the apocalypse, littered with broken trees, damaged buildings and ripped up telephone and power poles among which children can be seen helping to shift the detritus, writes Claire Rogers, CEO of World Vision Australia.

#KidsOffNauru: The campaign we didn’t want to have: World Vision

IN the past two months Liam has learned to crawl. His chubby legs have grown the strength and balance to pull himself up against a kitchen chair. He’s started to say “mama” and “dada” clearly. In January, he will turn one, writes World Vision Australia CEO Claire Rogers.