Feet first for the homeless


WHEN it comes to homelessness, Major Brendan Nottle has seen it all.

The Salvation Army stalwart spends countless hours on the streets engaging with rough sleepers and other vulnerable people when most of us are in bed.

Homelessness is growing. So Major Nottle is doing something extraordinary — he’s going to walk from Melbourne to Canberra to plead for a national solution to the problem.

“We have seen people die on the streets, we have seen children living in terrible situations, but it’s not a uniquely Melbourne issue,” he said.

“It’s a blight on all of us as Australians — and it’s fixable.”

Major Nottle will set off from Bourke St on his 700km 40-day Walk the Walk for the Homeless on September 8, with a support crew, including wife Sandra and daughter Kineisha.

To donate go to: walkthewalk.org.au

Story Credit: Herald Sun