Sunday, February 17, 2019

Crisis ‘far from over’ for millions of children across Africa

THE welcome announcement of an end to famine conditions in South Sudan this week should not distract from the fact that severe food insecurity continues to put the lives of millions of children at risk in north-east Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, UNICEF warned today.

UNESCO puts the spotlight back on the Great Barrier Reef

UNESCO - the United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation - has expressed serious concern about the bleaching death of coral on the Great Barrier Reef caused by climate change in a report released in Paris.

UNICEF in race against time to save children in Yemen

CHOLERA is spreading incredibly fast in Yemen, turning an already dire situation for children turn into a disaster. In just over one month, close to 70,000 cholera cases were reported with nearly 600 fatalities.

Thousands of ill children suffer through Yemen health crisis: UNICEF

IN the past 72 hours, the number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen has risen by 10,000 to a total of 65,300.