‘Embarrassing’ ALEC submission fails to reflect science, community concern over live export cruelty

The RSPCA says the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council’s (ALEC) submission to the McCarthy review shows a worrying but predictable lack of understanding of the gravity of the current situation, and is further proof the industry cannot, and will not, reform

Cancer drug target also essential for blood cell recovery

7.4.15 | BLOCKING key ‘survival’ proteins is a promising tactic for treating cancer, however new research suggests that these proteins are also vital for emergency blood cell production.

Live export industry holds crisis meeting in wake of continued cruelty in Vietnam

11.3.15 | RSPCA Australia is urging the Gov't to suspend further exports to Vietnam following revelations the live export industry held a meeting about their inability to meet basic OIE guidelines.

Australia must do more to fight Ebola: MSF-Australia

17.9.14 | Médecins Sans Frontières Australia has today called on the Australian Government to go beyond pledging financial aid to fight Ebola.