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RESULTS: Tax cuts at the expense of aid budget growth?

RESULTS Australia CEO, Amelia Christie, believes the Federal Government has made it clear that foreign aid remains a low priority with the Budget handed down last night, April 2.

AAMRI welcomes Government’s $20 billion commitment to medical research

THE Federal Government has reaffirmed its commitment in the budget to building the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) to $20 billion by 2020-21. In addition, it has set a ten-year investment plan for the MRFF.

Foreign aid budget: still much damage to undo, says CARE Australia

Australia must not rest on its laurels when it comes to tackling global poverty, aid agency CARE Australia has warned.

Japanese whalers retreat for the last time from the Southern Ocean

The return of the Japanese whaling fleet brings an end to the country’s whaling in the Antarctic Ocean for so-called "scientific research", which started in 1987.