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Sea Turtle Foundation on a rescue mission to save vulnerable and starving turtles

AUSTRALIA’s precious sea turtles are in danger of becoming extinct if we don’t offer the species greater protections, warns Johanna Karam, General Manager of the Sea Turtle Foundation.

Deadly Threads Pyjama Party for Sick Kids in Central Australia

80 percent of sick kids (aged between 5-12 years old) admitted to the hospital are from regional and remote communities across Central Australia and many rarely have time to pack a bag, say goodbye to family or prepare for admission.

Bob Hawke’s courageous record for the environment: WWF Australia

THE World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia today mourns the loss of Bob Hawke whose record on the environment continues to enrich the lives of Australians.

30-year-old Coles plastic bag found in mangroves: WWF Australia

30 per cent of sea turtles dying off the Queensland coast are killed by plastic bags, reports WWF-Australia.