Australia Takes a Lead Role in Fight to Eradicate Malaria

ABOUT 10 years ago I was lying on the floor of a Nairobi airport, feverish, convulsing and barely conscious. Through a haze my cameraman travelling partner approached me with a wooden black cross. I had contracted malaria, and in my state of mind the only thing I could imagine was that he was about to give me my last rites, writes Tim Costello, Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia.

NGOs can lead the way in regaining public trust: Heart Foundation

Trust in public institutions is on the wane. While community benefit organisations are not immune, they have a key leadership role in strengthening trust between all members of the community, writes Heart Foundation CEO, Adjunct Professor John G. Kelly (AM).

The Whale Wars Continue

OPINION: Sea Shepherd has accomplished something absolutely remarkable over the last 12 years. With your support, we have helped save the lives of over 6000 whales.

Why young people are going to change the world

OPINION: WHAT are the hopes and dreams of young Australians today? What makes them happy? What are they worried about? And why are they going to save the world? Louisa Keck from The Reach Foundation has some answers.