Sunday, February 17, 2019

Opinion: SeaWorld continues to mislead public about killer whales

OPINION: THE Washington Post reported today that SeaWorld eulogised Tilikum, a beautiful Orca, of having a “long and enriching life” that “inspired millions of people.”

Dredge dumping outrage – WWF

31.1.14 | OPINION: Australians have every right to be outraged right now. Our greatest marine park is to be used as a dump, writes Dermot O’Gorman, Chief Executive Officer of WWF-Australia.

Time to start thinking about solutions to child abuse

27.2.14 | OPINION: News of another child murder triggered the the safety and welfare concerns of our children, writes Dr Sarah Wise of Berry Street.

#KidsOffNauru: The campaign we didn’t want to have: World Vision

IN the past two months Liam has learned to crawl. His chubby legs have grown the strength and balance to pull himself up against a kitchen chair. He’s started to say “mama” and “dada” clearly. In January, he will turn one, writes World Vision Australia CEO Claire Rogers.