WWF welcomes feral pig initiative

20.2.14 | WWF-Australia yesterday welcomed the $7million joint investment by the Federal and Queensland Governments to tackle feral pigs which are destroying marine turtle nests.

WWF backs turtle and dugong protection

19.2.14 | WWF-Australia yesterday backed the advice of the Queensland Government and the Queensland Seafood Industry Association for fishermen to watch out for turtles and dugongs feeding on seagrass beds at Upstart Bay, near Ayr in North Queensland.

WWF calls for 50% renewable energy by 2030

18.2.14 | WWF-Australia has welcomed the announced review of Australia's Renewable Energy Target (RET) as an opportunity to look at how it can be strengthened to help Australia cut carbon pollution and provide cleaner energy.

Aid agencies on alert after Mt Kelud eruption

17.2.14 | INTERNATIONAL humanitarian agencies are assessing damage and humanitarian need after the eruption of Mt Kelud in Indonesia on Friday, February 14.