Sunday, February 17, 2019

MCG & Spotless on a good wicket freeing hens from cages

CRICKET fans who visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground this summer have even more reason to cheer, as Spotless, the MCG’s official caterer, have pledged to go completely cage free with their shell egg supply by 2023.

Australian Government must act as Japanese whalers leave port for whale hunt

THE Japanese whaling fleet has left port and is on their way to the Southern Ocean to again kill whales in the name of ‘science’. With the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe due to visit Australia this week, we call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to urgently step up action against Japan.

Partnership to protect critically endangered hawksbill turtles in Asia-Pacific

WITH the support Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL), WWF-Australia will step up efforts to help combat the illegal trade of hawksbill turtles in Asia-Pacific - the number one threat to the critically endangered turtle.

Adani weeks away from Reef-wrecking coal mine: AMCS

According to recent reports, Adani is just weeks away from Reef-wrecking financial close - governments must stop this mine from taking place.