Koala crisis: national icon should be listed ‘endangered’ in NSW & Queensland

THE federal government should upgrade the listing for koalas from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘endangered’ in New South Wales and Queensland.

‘Confused’ Australians want to recycle but are making mistakes: Planet Ark

AUSTRALIANS are still keen to recycle household waste, but they have become overconfident and confused as they make mistakes that can be avoided.

Shark Report Card shows Australia must do better: AMCS

THE publication of Australia’s first ever ‘Shark Report Card’ has been welcomed by leading shark conservation groups. The report highlights serious conservation concerns for Australia's iconic marine species, including endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks and critically endangered largetooth and green sawfishes.

Blocking New Coal Mines is Right Response to Protect Great Barrier Reef

PROPOSED changes to Queensland minerals laws to block coal mining in the Galilee Basin need to go further to safeguard a Great Barrier Reef already hit hard by climate change, the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) told a public hearing on Monday.