Does the Australian government no longer give a sh*t?: WaterAid

JUST hours after the Australian federal government announced it would continue to cut foreign aid spending as part of their 2019-20 budget, new data was released that revealed nearly 900 million people worldwide have no water service at their local health care facilities.

RESULTS: Tax cuts at the expense of aid budget growth?

RESULTS Australia CEO, Amelia Christie, believes the Federal Government has made it clear that foreign aid remains a low priority with the Budget handed down last night, April 2.

Foreign aid budget: still much damage to undo, says CARE Australia

Australia must not rest on its laurels when it comes to tackling global poverty, aid agency CARE Australia has warned.

After the storm: Claire Rogers visits Beira, Mozambique

DRIVING through the Mozambican city of Beira it looks like the apocalypse, littered with broken trees, damaged buildings and ripped up telephone and power poles among which children can be seen helping to shift the detritus, writes Claire Rogers, CEO of World Vision Australia.