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The Advocate’s readers are the perfect target audience for your organisation’s campaign because they are just as passionate about the not-for-profit and charity sectors as you are.

We have plenty of advertsing space on our website for you to promote your campaign.

Please look at our Options before proceeding:


As a not-for-profit organisation ourselves, we understand how valuable every cent can be for an organisation, which is why we are offering two very affordable advertising options.

Option 1. ‘$1 a Day’ – For a dollar a day, you can advertise your campaign directly to the people that would benefit your cause.

Just submit your advertisement in a high-quality JPEG image and stipulate how long you want to advertise your campaign for.

After you have paid your fee (via Electronic Funds Transfer) we will then activate your advertisement on the homepage and subpages of our website.

Option 2. ‘Two-way Street’ – If you can’t afford to advertise your campaign, we would still be happy to do so, if you allow us to advertise on your website.

For the entirity of the campaign, you’ll be required to leave our own ad on your website as payment, and we’ll do the same on ours.


– Send us a high-quality image in the dimensions outlined below and a URL link to the campaign on your company’s website.



To send us your advertisement, please email: